"Mental health is prevalent in all aspects of life, like in sports. It's important people share stories so that others feel more comfortable to share as well."

Mike T

"I'm inspired by the message. I will champion this campaign personally."

Kristen D

"This campaign is going to save lot of lives."

Ryan C

"I'm all for this. It's important work. I don't think anyone's address the issue like this before."

Andrew D

“My journey is and was different than anyone else’s journey because stress, anxiety, and depression are all individualized concepts. But I always knew that it wasn’t what was going on in my life, but how I was responding to it that really mattered.”


"This gives a chance for every types of people to participate in sharing their stories. It's the right time to have this campaign around."


"Stigma is truly addressed when more and more people talk about their personal experience with the stigma."


"Recreating yourself is okay because progress equals happiness."

Craig M

"This gives a chance for those who are ready to help those in need... some of the recommendations from the videos will definitely touch some viewers."


"This is so important when guys talk  about their own stories on mental health."


"Lot of mental health campaigns are not personal. This campaign is and it's a great way for people to have a chance to be personal about their mental health."


"Really cool and awesome way for athletes to connect and lead discussions."