Our Story

The campaign was not designed to restate the message that has been promoted by former mental health campaigns – “We welcome and encourage people to seek help." Victims of mental health, at the end of the day, will still feel singled out or labeled when strangers in their community express their hope for those with mental health illness to seek help. TellMyStory Challenge will address this barrier. Our friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors sharing their story on what helps them cope with “mental health” or simply “stress” will provide evidence to other victims that they are truly not alone and that this illness is much so prevalent. We do not ask of the participant to share what they struggled with, hoping that this campaign will exude positive energy, share ideas for different ways to cope with stress, and most importantly demonstrate to us just how prevalent stress and mental health is to our people.

This campaign is for the friends, family, and neighbors who have lost their loved ones from mental health and for those who are impacted by the stigma.